Sinéad Gibney is your Social Democrats Dublin candidate for the European elections in June 2024.

Sinéad Gibney is your Social Democrats Dublin candidate for the European elections in June 2024.

Let’s build a better Europe

Fifty years of European Union membership have been good for Ireland.

Our economy has benefitted, and equality and rights have been advanced – for workers, for women, and for minority groups. More recently, through Brexit, our Union showed up for us.

But there are EU policies that are not working, and which hamper the ability of individual member states, like Ireland, to address crises like the lack of affordable housing. Europe has collectively failed to address the scale and urgency of the climate crisis. We can and must get back to the origins of the European project – peace, stability, and economic prosperity for all.

This June, voters across Europe face a choice. The balance of power will fall between a progressive, well-functioning EU and one controlled by those with no regard for the rule of law or the rights of minority groups. It’s vital that Dublin votes to send a strong social democratic voice to Europe. A voice that will actively fight against the rise of the far-right, and bring Europe back on course.

Tackle the housing crisis

Safe, secure housing is a fundamental right that all Dubliners deserve.

Housing is about building communities, raising families and creating neighbourhoods where we can all thrive. We need new homes that people can afford – to buy or rent – not investment opportunities for bulk buyers. The Social Democrats policy on housing is clear – build more houses, especially affordable and social, on state land, with state resources.

We need to:

  • Develop an EU wide action plan for affordable housing, similar in scale to the Covid recovery fund
  • Fix EU spending and competition rules that currently inhibit the delivery of affordable housing
  • Introduce penalties for vulture funds that are bulk buying homes
  • Increase regulation of short term lets that are proliferating across the country
  • Secure funding to support member states’ efforts to eradicate homelessness

Climate action now

The Social Democrats believe that EU-wide climate action presents major positive opportunities for Dublin as a city:

  • Well-paying green jobs
  • Improvements in our public transport system
  • The delivery of energy efficient well-insulated housing

Unfortunately, to date we’ve witnessed conservative forces (including Fine Gael’s group, the EPP) in the EU capitulating to big corporate interests by weakening nature restoration laws and handing major polluters a free reign. We must take urgent steps to halt both ecological and economic collapse.
I believe in the need for an urgent and fair shift away from fossil fuels towards clean energy.

Stand up for Gaza

This is a dangerous time in global politics.

Like many of you, I have been appalled by the support from EU leaders for Israel’s assault on Gaza. The EU rightly imposed diplomatic sanctions on Russia following their barbaric invasion of Ukraine, and I believe that we should now show similar leadership by suspending the EU-Israel trade agreement.

I would not support a second term for European Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen.

For the best chance of a progressive president that values the rule of law, we need to send more social democrats to Brussels.

Vote for Sinéad Gibney, the Social Democrats Dublin candidate, for the European Elections

I’m standing for election as I believe in a Europe we can be proud of.

One where the rights of all are respected, and member states are enabled to do all within their power to ensure our material needs are met. Social democrats in Europe are leading the fight for an EU that uplifts our living standards, advances the cause of human rights, and delivers on the key infrastructure needed to safeguard our future.

As an MEP, my priorities will be:

  • Working to ensure Dublin is a fair city where people can access decent work, decent homes and dignity in their lives
  • Delivering an EU action plan for affordable housing and funding to support the delivery of social and affordable homes
  • Imposing EU trade sanctions, and advocating for a ban on the sale of arms, to Israel as a matter of urgency
  • Supporting EU-wide climate action that is essential to protect our environment, our biodiversity and our future
  • Advocating for improved workers’ rights and better work life balance
  • Working to protect the rights of minority groups – like people with disabilities, LGBTQI+ people and ethnic minorities
  • Defending Irish neutrality from any creeping militarisation

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